Turkish Accountant CPA Beyhan Akkas

Beyhan Akkas, founder of Akkas Public Accountant & CPA, was born in 1979 in Ulukisla district of Nigde Province. She completed her primary and secondary education in Istanbul. Subsequently graduated successfully from Nigde University Vocational High School. Afterwards, she enrolled and graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration Department. Lastly completed her master’s degree in Auditing and Accounting at Okan University.

Mrs. Akkas has practised her occupation as a manager in accounting departments of many large and medium sized firms and also freelance financial consultancy offices during her professional career.

Mrs. Akkas founded Akkas Publis Accountant Office following her graduation from the master’s programme on the point of performing with a determination that never compromises the principles of quality in service and customer satisfaction. For her long career, Mrs. Akkas has been providing taxpayers with a service that corresponds their needs and expectations in the most efficient way as she analyzes each taxpayer peculiarly.

In the service process, it is in constant contact with our taxpayers and informs our taxpayers in all stages and gives consultancy for the best results of the process. It has a fast communication understanding and enables our taxpayers to take the necessary measures and manage their activities successfully by bringing the developments in financial legislation and the subjects of activity to our taxpayers day.

She is in a constant communication with our taxpayers in the process of service, informing them at all stages and advising them to finalize the process in the best method that is possible to exercise. With her unique communication concept, she enables the taxpayers to take the necessary precautions and manage their activities successfully by reaching out the taxpayers day by day.


ISMMMO Admission

“It's the first time working with an attorney for me, that’s why I don’t have any experience to compare, but I am so pleased and dearly satisfied with the current professionalism. “Trust” is the most basic feeling I have felt about Mr. Akkas since we met. I believe this is the most important value in the profession of lawyers.”
Ceren Atasoy
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