Akkas & Associates Turkish lawyers are prepared to assist your joint venture formation in Turkey. Our company formation lawyers are experienced in establishing a limited company, joint stock company, holding company, branch office, liaison office, free zone company, management, and governance in Istanbul.

We do perform joint venture formation services in Turkey and provide other company governance services for foreign persons and companies. We have a customs agency in our office building and many of our clients use their services to perform transit trade to different countries. We also provide company address services for foreign companies and our rates are very moderate.

Joint Venture Formation in Turkey

We Can Form Joint Venture within 1 Week

We can set up your Joint Venture within 1 week, we have established more than 260 companies for our foreign clients from Spain, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, UK, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, S. Korea, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Vietnam, Poland, France, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, USA, Malaysia, Iran, Portugal, Norway, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Joint Venture Formation in Turkey

Our Istanbul company lawyers are ready to assist your joint venture formation in Turkey Free Zones. Joint ventures are becoming more commonly used in all industries as businesses with complementary operations seek to collaborate to develop new projects, pursue joint financing to expand distribution, or realize other strategic business objectives in Turkey and around the world.

Akkas & Associates has extensive experience with joint ventures in various industries and practices. We work with clients on all stages of joint venture formation and management. Our Joint Ventures attorneys focus on specific industries:

Joint Venture Formation in Turkey

Energy Joint Ventures

Our attorneys have significant experience in negotiating joint ventures in the energy industry. We have represented publicly traded energy companies, large private equity funds, public and private institutions, foreign investors, university endowments, and a variety of taxable and tax-exempt investors in their energy investments and joint ventures.

We also have significant experience in representing management teams in their negotiations with private equity fund investors. Our practice group has assembled a team of lawyers and legal professionals with diverse, but complementary, experience so that we may provide assistance in all matters affecting our energy clients and their businesses.

Our lawyers have knowledge in oil and gas, power, clean energy, corporate securities, mergers and acquisitions, partnership, tax, international, venture capital, employment, environmental, finance, and litigation issues that affect the energy industry.

This multi-disciplinary approach affords our clients efficient access to lawyers possessing the depth of experience necessary to address any need they may have, while creating a team of professionals particularly suited to providing the creativity and flexibility necessary to guide those clients through the rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape.

Projects Joint Ventures

Akkas & Associates has extensive experience counseling joint ventures and investors in joint ventures, often in cross-border situations.

Our lawyers work closely with consortium members or ventures and their in-house counsel, or with an individual investor in a project, to identify their business, tax, financing, governance, and other concerns and priorities, and to develop appropriate structures and approaches.

Our experience and understanding of the underlying business allow us to provide practical advice to help clients achieve project success.

The significant capital costs and high commercial risks associated with the energy industry frequently create the need for complicated and innovative joint venture structures to achieve economies of scale, allocate risks, and access market opportunities for substantial capital investments, including joint ventures involving oil and gas exploration and development, electric power projects, gas storage facilities, and pipeline and LNG projects. We have structured, negotiated, and documented joint venture arrangements in many sectors of the energy industry, where industry participants frequently act through joint ventures.

In addition to the energy sector, we have extensive joint venture experience across many other industries, including telecommunications (cable, telephony, satellite services, and the Internet), transportation (airlines), pharmaceuticals and healthcare, entertainment and sports, real estate, information technology, computer technology, software development, transportation, and mining.

Akkas & Associates’ corporate practice handles entire joint venture endeavors from inception to a final agreement, with special emphasis on structuring the venture entity, tax planning, and corporate governance between or among the partners.

Real Estate Joint Ventures

Real estate joint ventures are a common vehicle for blending development expertise, product expertise, and local knowledge with capital sources. These capital sources include public funds, private funds, high net worth individuals, and tax-exempt investors (including retirement funds and sovereign funds).

Akkas & Associates has extensive experience in the formation of joint ventures representing the service provider and the capital source. Akkas & Associates’s experience extends to the formation of joint ventures involving tax-exempt entities in joint enterprises with taxable entities.

Our joint venture experience includes both acquisition and development of the following real estate product types: office, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, special venues, and land development.

Bank Account Opening for Your Joint Venture

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for bank accounts opened by companies in Turkey. We will be able to assist you in opening a company bank account.

We need the below documents for the company bank account:

  • Turkish tax id number for the liaison office.
  • Director power of attorney.
  • Liaison office stamp.

Set up a Limited Company Cost

Reach us for a Joint Venture Formation in Turkey

Akkas & Associates Turkish lawyers are prepared to assist your branch office set up in Turkey. Our company formation lawyers are experienced in a limited company, joint stock company, branch office, liaison office, and free trade zone company formation, management, and governance in Istanbul.

We also advise our company clients on a full range of new laws and related matters, as well as other corporate governance rules in Turkey. Our clients range from single entrepreneurs to small and medium size companies. For each of our clients, we tailor our approach to that client’s unique requirements.

Our law firm is one of the leading law firms providing company formation services in Istanbul, Turkey. You may reach us for a joint venture formation in Turkey through our Contact page.