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Design Patent Lawyers in Turkey

Akkas & Associates is a globally recognized Turkish design patent law firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our design patent lawyers in Turkey help clients obtain, protect and enforce intellectual property rights; patents, trademarks, design patents, and copyrights in Turkey.

The skills and backgrounds of Akkas & Associates’ design patent attorneys are particularly well suited to aid clients in the IP law practice area. Our IP attorneys are licensed to practice before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Office. Their technical expertise is balanced with considerable litigation and business experience.

Our design patent lawyers in Turkey provide a broad range of patent services including; Turkish patent application, registration, and protection such as IP litigation, appeal, opposition, cancellation, assignment, monitoring, search, and licensing. Our attorneys also represent our clients in PCT national phase entries in TurkeyEuropean Patent validation, and patent annuities in Turkey.

Design Patent Lawyers in Turkey

Design Patent Lawyers in Turkey

Akkas & Associates attorneys’ expertise affords our clients the fullest range of design patent prosecution services and the capability to render such advice:

  • Preparation and filing of design patent applications
  • Comprehensive prosecution services in Turkish for utility and design patents
  • Coordination of patent prosecution in foreign countries and regions
  • Counseling on “shop rights”
  • Prosecuting interference contests to resolve priority in the invention
  • Design patent appeals to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences of the Turkish Patent Institute
  • Rendering legal opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of design patents
  • Rendering legal opinions on patentability, right-to-use, validity, enforceability, and infringement
  • Design patent infringement litigation in Turkish courts
  • Design patent appeals in the Turkish Supreme Court

To permit our clients to build a patent portfolio that is integrated with their business strategies, we seek early on to understand the strategic goals of each client. We also counsel our clients on how to best build a portfolio that maximizes both core technologies and non-core technologies.

Likewise, we counsel clients on processes and procedures for identifying potentially patentable technology and prioritizing inventions based on strategic goals.

We also work with our clients to ensure they and their employees—inventors, and engineers—understand the patent process and follow policies and guidelines that protect against inadvertent loss of rights in an invention.

In this regard, we routinely conduct industry and in-house seminars on the patentability process, including procedures on documenting the conception of an invention, limitations on public written disclosures of the invention (such as in marketing materials or research papers), use of diligence in pursuing an invention, and the disclosure requirements necessary to ensure that any issued patent is as defensible as possible.

The firm provides design patent prosecution and counseling services in a wide range of technical and business areas, in almost every industry, and in both the retail and commercial markets.

Reach our Design Patent Lawyers in Turkey

Akkas & Associates is a solution-oriented law firm that empowers clients to meet the diverse and changing demands of today’s intellectual property law. Since 1992, our lawyers have been helping clients with complex legal challenges and maximizing opportunities for success.

Our law firm is now one of the leading design patent law firms in Istanbul, Turkey. You may reach us for Design Patent Lawyers in Turkey through our Contact page.

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